Recent Updates

Multiplayer for Dueling Bulldozers

You know that "bulldozer game"? Well, I added the ability for more than one person to play at the same time, provided you're at the same computer. Playing over the network would cause latency problems for a game like that. So, if you have any friends, try it out.


Some of you probably noticed my website was down over the weekend. My server decided it was too sexy to reboot, so it will be down until I can talk some sense into it. In the meanwhile, my website is being hosted on the same server as The Math Message Board, thanks to David Manura. Everything should still work here, except for the gigabytes of unadvertised content, so most people won't notice any difference.

Blog Moved to WordPress

Following Geet's example, I've decided to move my weblog to WordPress. The new location is here, but I recommend continuing to use the old link, in case I ever decide to change services. While I'm perfectly capable of writing my own blogging software, I don't want that to be consuming any of my time. The features I need are fairly minimal, and the lack of complete control over my content is made up for easily by the community-focused features of blogging sites.

Fluxbox 1.0rc3 Released

Fluxbox version 1.0rc3 has just been released. It includes loads of bug fixes and also lots of new features. Here are some of the major additions in this version:

And of course, there are lots of minor changes, too. So, if you're using Linux, go get it. Now!


I finally put together the 43 lines of perl I needed to make a blog. Newsworthy entries will end up here, but there will eventually be a lot more interesting things to read there.

New Site Design

If you've been here before, then you've probably already noticed the look has changed quite a bit. The old content of the front page has moved to the About Me subsection of the Personal Info section. I've also removed a few pages that I didn't think were particularly useful.

Dueling Bulldozers

This is a game that I made up. It still needs some minor tweaks, but the feedback I've received so far has been fantastic. Give it a try, and of course feel free to suggest improvements.

Hexagonal Mazes

I've added a new geometry option to the Maze Generator to make mazes on a hexagonal array. This is really just a demonstration of the flexibility of the algorithm (and the inflexibility of javascript/html). You may see more subtle applications of the maze generator in the future.